Setting up the Party

1. Separate all Animals (12), Chasers (8), and Immediate Cards (6) from the deck.

2. Deal 1 random Animal face-UP to each player. Set the remaining Animals aside — they aren’t invited to the party and will not be used for the rest of this game.

Animal Cards of Party Tails

3. Deal 1 random Chaser face-DOWN to each player.

4. Add the remaining Chasers back into the deck and shuffle. Don’t reshuffle the Immediate Cards back into the deck yet.

5. Deal 5 cards from the deck face-DOWN to each player. Each player should now have 1 Animal face-up in front of them and 6 cards in their hand.

6. Add the Immediate Cards back into the deck, shuffle, and place this deck in the center — this will be your draw pile. Leave room for a discard pile.

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Get The Party Started

1. The goal of the game is to eliminate your opponents by giving them the total number of Beer, Wine, and Liquor cards indicated on their Animal. Once an Animal’s drink type has reached its limit, no more of that Drink can be added.

2. Whoever slept in the latest today goes first.

3. On each turn, you must do one of the following:

a. Play 1 Drink by placing it face-up next to an opponent’s Animal.

b. Play 1 Party Card. Follow the instructions that are indicated on the card. Some Party Cards only affect the current turn, while other Party Cards have lasting effects.

c. Discard up to 2 cards and draw back to 6 cards as your turn.

* You cannot pass on your turn.

* Some Party Cards may affect what a player can do on their turn in positive or negative ways.

4. Opponents can disrupt your turn in multiple ways. If you play a Drink, your opponent can play a Chaser to block it. Anyone can play a Party Pooper and block the entire move you played. Or anyone can play a Buzzkill and Skip you or Reverse the direction of gameplay.

5. Cards that have been used or removed from play go into the discard pile.

6. At the conclusion of each turn, anyone who played a card redraws back to 6 cards.

7. If the deck runs out of cards, reshuffle the discard pile and continue playing using the shuffled deck.

8. Gameplay moves in a clockwise direction, unless gameplay is Reversed.

9. Gameplay continues until only one animal remains. The last player standing wins bragging rights for being the ultimate party animal!

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Consumption of alcohol is not required for participation in this game. If you choose to drink alcohol, please do so responsibly. Party Tails and Waddling Panda, Inc. are not responsible for the consequences of your actions.