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ANIMALS (Horizontal Cards)

The Animal Cards represent everyone’s character for the game. It indicates the specific number of Drinks Beers, WinesLiquors – it takes for each player to get knocked out of the game.

Once an Animal reaches its total for one Drink type, no more of that Drink type can be added. If an Animal’s Drink type goes over its total for any reason, those Drinks do not count toward other Drink types.

Animal Cards of Party Tails

DRINKS (Beers, Wines, Liquors)

There are three types of Drinks to give to each Animal. The Beer Cards are orange, the Wine Cards are purple, and the Liquor Cards are green. Each Animal requires a different amount of each type.

CHASERS (Grey Cards)

The Chasers can be used at any time to instantly block one Drink from being played on your Animal. Chasers cannot remove any drinks already in play from previous turns. Chasers can also block all types of Wild Drink Cards.

IMMEDIATE CARDS (Multicolored Cards)

The Immediate Cards must be played immediately after they have been drawn. They can have positive or negative effects on the gameplay.When you draw a multicolored card, read the action to the group and immediately do what it says.  Once the action has taken place, you may redraw back to six cards in your hand.


Party Pooper Cards can be used at any time and out of turn to block entire moves from happening. They can also block other Party Poopers. They cannot remove Drinks or Party Cards that have already been played on previous turns.

BUZZKILLS (Yellow Cards)

The Buzzkill Cards can be used at any time and out of turn to disrupt gameplay. They include Skips and Reverses. There is no limit to how many Buzzkills you can play in a row. Buzzkills can be Party PoopedYou are also allowed to Skip yourself.

PARTY CARDS (Blue Cards)

Party Cards can only be played on your turn and affect gameplay in different ways. They include Wild Drink cards, Remedy cards, and Special Ability cards. The Special Ability cards can add positive atrributes to your Animal or negative attributes to your oppoent’s Animal.

There is no limit to the number of Party Cards that can be played on an Animal at any time. Positive and negative Party Cards can also be compounded on top of each other.

Wild Drinks count as any type of drink. When you play a Wild Drink on an opponent, you must say the type of drink it represents. Wild Drinks cannot be reassigned a drink type while they are on an AnimalWild Drinks are counted as Party Cards when it comes to rules, but they can also be Chased like a Drink Card.

Remedy Cards can be used to remove any card that has already been played, such as Drinks or Party Cards. They cannot block drinks or Party Cards from being played.

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Consumption of alcohol is not required for participation in this game. If you choose to drink alcohol, please do so responsibly. Party Tails and Waddling Panda, Inc. are not responsible for the consequences of your actions.