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Party Your Tail Off!

Party Tails is a card game for people that like animals, drinking, and animals drinking – no drinks required! The goal is to knock out your opponents by giving them the total number of drinks listed on their Animal Card. You’ll choose your Animal, hand out drinks, play Party Cards to mix things up, knock out all of your opponents, and win bragging rights for being the ultimate party animal!

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Knock out your opponents by giving them the total number of Beer, Wine, and Liquor Cards indicated on their Animal.

Animal Cards of Party Tails

On your turn, give a Drink Card to another player OR play a Party Card, which offers positive and negative special abilities.

Party Tails Drink and Party Cards

Watch out for Party Poopers, Chasers, Buzzkills, and Immediate Cards, which can affect gameplay in a variety of ways.

Party Tails - Other Card Types

The last player remaining wins!

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Consumption of alcohol is not required for participation in this game. If you choose to drink alcohol, please do so responsibly. Party Tails and Waddling Panda, Inc. are not responsible for the consequences of your actions.